Do you take requests for your Teaching by Example "book reviews"? 

Unfortunately, I am unable to take requests. Please know I make every effort to feature multiple genres that alternate male and female characters. After all, variety is the spice of life!

What genres do your Teaching by Example "book reviews" cover?

I utilize both secular and Christian fiction in most genres as I want you to have the greatest breadth to learn from! 

I do not review the following genres: horror, paranormal, witchcraft/occult, erotica, romance considered NOT clean, or anything containing gratuitous violence.  

Curiosity is getting the better of me. You mentioned cookies in your bio snapshot. What are your favorites?

Chocolate chip. There was a period of time (read: two years) where my journey into finding that elusive perfection made me weary, to the point that I stopped liking them. I know. Fortunately, things have long since turned around. But now... 

Oatmeal Raisin. I gobbled these when I was a single digit. That recipe is long lost and now I've begun my journey to recreate that evasive childhood memory. If you have any suggestions, by all means, please pipe up. 

Molasses Spice. A statement cookie. Glorious.